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Trust History

From the mid nineteen sixties, Porpori Farm had been administered by Government Departments up until its inception in 1982.

Poripori Trust amalgamated with Poripori Kumikumi Station and the orchard blocks to extend the land holdings of the Trust to a land mass totalling 1551.0841 hectares or 3832 acres, in the seventies.

Poripori Farm A Trust (now known as Poripori Trust) was established on the 18 August, 1982 by the original trustees, Turi Te Kani, William Gardiner, Reihana Rangiawha, Tommy Clair, Susan Palmer and Lou Gates.

The Trust was established as part of a Land and Surveys Department scheme at the time, that encouraged Maori land owners to develop their land interests.


Since the transition of the Trust from Maori Affairs, the capital asset base has increased.  As an indication recent developments from 1995 to 2005 saw an increase in assets by over $11.5 million.

Poripori Trust has over 1170 owners with ties to the iwi of Ngaiterangi, Ngati Ranginui in Tauranga Moana and the hapu of Ngati Koroki Kahukura from Waikato owning a total share of 125130 shares.

Poripori Trusts assets are sheep, cattle, deer, goats, forestry, kiwifruit, land, buildings (farm and orchard) including six houses, furniture and fittings, plant and equipment, vehicles, shares and investments.



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