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Business Activities

Poripori Trusts range of business activities include agriculture and horticulture.  As part of their diversification strategy Poripori also holds a portfolio of domestic and international shares. 

The trust has interests in beef, sheep and lambs, contract grazing, wool, forestry, land development and kiwifruit.


Farm Activities

Poripori Farm is mainly used for agriculture but also has a portion planted in kiwifruit orchard.

At the peak of the production season, capital livestock numbers reach 8,700 sheep, 1,3,80 cattle, with up to 1,000 grazing dairy heifers.

The livestock breeding base is largely traditional with Romney sheep, Angus/Hereford cattle, with the use of sires - Polled Dorset rams and Simmental bulls to produce quick maturing and lean carcasses that the market desires.  Quality assurance programmes for product produced are in place to ensure compliance with modern market trends.

The focus for kiwifruit production remains a quantity and quality strategy.  Returns have been good from kiwifruit and Apata Grow manage our orchard.



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